A joker

My mind is a mess. Again.

I need to recentre


Take about a 1000 steps back. And start again

This time, trusting my own voice and not what others say

Paying attention to how I feel about myself and not how they feel about me

I am wonderfully and fearfully made

I’m the apple of His eye. His thoughts are constantly on me

Funny how heartbreak always brings me back here

To this place of surrender and complete devotion

The scales have fallen off my eyes once again and I can see clearly now what’s important


I need to forgive myself. For breaking my own heart once again.

Blogging is no longer fun

I keep writing about the same situations over and over about people who don’t understand me, and never will

This cycle has got to end. I’m tired

I’m a baby girl who needs to be treated as such. Now I know


But first and foremost, I’m a joker. One who never learns the lesson

I need peace of mind, and wisdom. And I’m going to find it

Wish me luck. And pray for me, maybe..?